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  • Drop the wires and GO mobile

    Take your office with you anywhere your Smartphone or tablet can take you
    Communicator GO lets you make and take calls, transfer, and hold just like sitting at your desk

  • All the tools you need

    Communicator gives your agency access to everything you need
    all with the click of your mouse

  • All VoIP is not the same

    Our solutions are specifically tailored to insurance agencies so if
    you look closely you'll see the Bluewave difference

  • Integrate with AMS360, Catalyst, and others

    Automatically pull up your customer,s records when a call comes in
    to see the customer record before answering the call


VoIP Designed for Insurance Agencies
Simple and Affordable

Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology


We utilize state of the art technology to provide extreme reliability for your insurance agency.


Grow at your own pace. Your insurance agency or call center can scale up or down based on your business need.


Your insurance agency needs the best and we make it easy to get the best.


Work with a company who knows your agency inside and out to maximize your new VoIP system.

Business VoIP Designed With Simplicity In Mind

Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology

Who We Are

Blue Ocean was founded in 2006. Our name evolved from the book Blue Ocean Strategies which defines how successful businesses use a paradigm shift in the marketplace to deliver excellent service.

We are based in Birmingham, Alabama, and all the partners in the business have come from voice and data backgrounds. In talking with our customers, we found an emerging need in the telephony business to move away from expensive, on-site equipment and into a Cloud based system. Our customers wanted low capital expenditure solutions that could scale based on their business needs and to only pay for what they needed at the time. The growth of their mobile workforce also required a system that could be deployed remotely easily and quickly as well as connect multiple offices to each other regardless of their geographic locations.

Interesting VoIP Facts

Companies using VoIP now
Expected growth by 2018
Bluewave reliability
Our customer retention rate

Percent of our customers that are insurance agencies

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